Knight in Sour Armour: Kudzu Plot: Even viewers who pay close

Surprisingly, Team Rocket is only on the border of this. Sure, the Terrible Trio are G rated Harmless Villains, but every once in a while you’re reminded that they’re the oddballs of a larger and much more dangerous syndicate. In fact, Jessie, James, and Meowth are very lucky to still have their job!. Knight in Sour Armour: Kudzu Plot: Even viewers who pay close attention to the many names in the film will come up baffled at some parts. Even Raymond Chandler lost track of some plot points. Letting Her Hair Down: The bookseller woman has her hair all tied up. Clueless Detective: Clouseau became the archetypal example. Companion Cube: A very drunk Dala starts talking to the tiger rug in her suite. Detectives Follow Footprints: The little detective does this to follow the Pink Panther replica hermes bags in the cartoon intro; the Panther sweeps up his footprints with a broom.

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