If skiing is great idea for grownups

Unfortunately, all of this period appropriate realism makes the fact that Ned’s skin color is not even remarked upon, never mind serving as a plot point, extremely jarring. This was heavily criticized by the film’s detractors (Ned was presumably not written with Morgan Freeman in mind). Beauchamp writes these. Fish Police was CBS and Hanna Barbera’s stab at the formula; it, NBC’s Family Dog, and ABC’s Capitol Critters all got canned due to low ratings, bad reviews, and Executive Meddling. Fish Police animated six episodes, but only got half of them in before it got “hooked” off the schedule, becoming an Old Shame for the creator of the comic book the show was based on, Steve Moncuse.) The Reagans note (Showtime TV movie on Ronald Reagan which was viewed as a total hatchet job despite claims it wasn’t from the producer of the movie. It was supposed to air on corporate sibling CBS, but they decided it was too much of a hot potato.

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